Custom Chemical Manufacturer

Your Custom Resins and Chemical Toll Manufacturing Partner

CRC is equipped to service various volume requirements, from pilot scale batches to millions of pounds annually.

Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of  industrial power plant

Your Custom Chemical Manufacturer

We produce customer-formulated industrial custom resins and chemicals to meet your specific requirements.
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Chemical Storage

We provide refrigerated and heated storage capabilities for industrial resins and chemicals.
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Research and Development

We partner with our customers to research and develop new products, custom resins, or optimize existing products.
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Packaging, Labeling, Shipping

CRC specializes in a variety of production capabilities – bottles, gallons, drums, totes, and tank cars.
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Who We Are

Capital Resin Corporation is a privately-owned, custom chemical producer with the R&D and technical integration that allows for collaboration with customers in developing high-quality industrial resins and chemicals.
Industries Served

Why We Are Different



We routinely develop custom resins and chemicals for a variety of industries.



We collaborate with customers in developing high-quality industrial resins and chemicals.


Customer Service

We can help your company develop the solutions you need for chemical toll manufacturing.



Located in Columbus, Ohio, our facility is within a 10-hour drive to 47% of the U.S. population.

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As a custom chemical producer, we’re dedicated to quality and customer responsiveness.

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