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Acetoguanamine Manufacturing

The chemical manufacturers at Capital Resin have the privilege of being the only domestic producer of triazine-based internal plasticizers for melamine resins. Acetoguanamine (CAS 542-02-9) allows for a wide range of post-formability options in modified amino resins, specifically tailored towards post-forming laminates.

We produce Acetoguanamine (CAS 542-02-9) for applications in the decorative laminates industry. Our materials can be used to create high-quality, decorative laminated sheets for counters, tabletops, and other furniture. The post-forming process provides greater flexibility, allowing the laminate to bend. In this manner, it performs both a decorative and a functional role.

Great for use on rounded edges, post-forming laminates are durable, stain-resistant, and heat resistant.

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Acetoguanamine and Post-Forming Laminate

Acetoguanamine (CAS 542-02-9) is commonly used in post-forming laminates. The process allows the laminate to bend, so it can be easily installed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is commonly used for these products:


End Tables



Thin wooden samples sheaf. Interior design industry.

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