Toll Manufacturing for Aromatic Sulfonic Acids

Water, Alcohol and Latent Based Sulfonic Acids

At Capital Resin our experts continuously develop custom aromatic sulfonic acids for specific applications.

Types of Aromatic Sulfonic Acids We Manufacture Include:

  • Phenolic Sulfonic Acid
  • Toluene Sulfonic Acid Solutions
    • Water-based Sulfonic Acids
    • Alcohol-based Sulfonic Acids
    • Latent-based Sulfonic Acids
  • p-TSA (104-5-4)
    • Monohydrate p-TSA
    • Solutions based p-TSA

As one of the leading chemical toll manufacturing companies, we value our customers’ privacy while providing quality industrial resins and chemicals in our glass-lined reactor systems. To learn about, or to purchase, aromatic sulfonic acids contact us today.

Our Experience

40 Years in Business
20+ Industries Served
37+ Years in Phenolics
35 Years Amino

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Aromatic Sulfonic Acids

Capital Resin produces aromatic sulfonic acids for applications in the following industries:

Industrial Coatings

Construction Products

Catalysts for Phenolic and Amino Resins

Decorative Laminates

Phenolic Foaming


offset press color charge seen from above

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