Aromatic Sulfonic Acid

Water, Alcohol and Latent Based Sulfonic Acids

At Capital Resin our experts continuously develop custom aromatic sulfonic acids for specific applications. Since 1976, we have been an industry leader in research, developing, custom manufacturing, and producing various chemicals for many different industry-specific applications. Our sulfonic acids have been used in a multitude of automotive coatings to cure them to perfection and help ensure a tight and lasting bond is made and upheld. They are also used as a catalyst to help cure floor coatings like hardwood. The acid is blended with the coating to ensure curing can happen and provide the floor with a durable and long-lasting finish for years to come. We can custom make different types of acid for each industry if certain applications need different chemical compounds to make them blend and bond properly with different coatings and more. At Capital Resin Corporation, we develop and produce the acids we manufacture to be the best in the industry.

Types of Acids We Manufacture Include:

  • Phenolic Sulfonic Acid
  • Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid
    • Water-based Sulfonic Acids
    • Alcohol-based Sulfonic Acids
    • Latent-based Sulfonic Acids
  • Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid; p-TSA (104-5-4)
    • Monohydrate p-TSA
    • Solutions based p-TSA

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Our Experience

40 Years in Business
20+ Industries Served
37+ Years in Phenolics
35 Years Amino

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Aromatic Sulfonic Acids

Capital Resin produces aromatic sulfonic acids for applications in the following industries:

Industrial Coatings

Construction Products

Catalysts for Phenolic and Amino Resins

Decorative Laminates

Phenolic Foaming


offset press color charge seen from above

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