Analytical Instruments for Chemical Processing

At Capital Resin, our laboratories use high-quality analytical testing equipment and instruments for in-process checks, quality control, and in support of our research and development (R&D) group.

Our lab practice fulfills ISO 9001 requirements. Adhering to these high standards enables us to be the best custom contract and chemical toll manufacturing company possible. When you purchase from Capital Resin, you know you are receiving quality industrial resins and chemicals.

Current Analytical Capabilities

Our facility is humidity and temperature controlled to blend flammables, urethanes, and isocyanates.
  • Gas chromatography
  • SPME / Head space analysis
  • High pressure liquid chromatography
  • Gel permeation chromatography (molecular weight)
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Ultra Violet analyzer
  • Automated color measurement
  • Viscosity measurement – multiple instruments including
  • Brookfield, various
  • Liquid Physics® (pH, Refractive Index, Specific Gravity)
  • Nitrogen analysis
  • %Water by Karl Fisher method
  • Atomic absorption
  • % Solids (moisture or oven solids)
  • DSC
  • Bacteria, yeast, and mold estimation
  • Specialized tests
  • Gel time
  • Flash point
  • Ash content
  • FTIR
  • Particle Size Analyzer

Contact Capital Resin in Columbus, Ohio, for quality chemical supply services. Learn how our production and research, of industrial resins and chemicals, are higher quality and more accurate because of in-house analytical capabilities. As the leader in custom contract and chemical toll manufacturing, Capital Resin makes it a priority to use only the best equipment and resources available.

As a leader in custom chemical contract and toll manufacturing, we extend your manufacturing capabilities by filling your chemical manufacturing needs.

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