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Custom Chemical Contract Manufacturing

Capital Resin is a leader in custom chemical contract and toll processing. We produce customer-formulated industrial and specialty chemicals to meet your specific requirements.

The broad range in capacity of our reactor systems, along with our production and analytical equipment, allow us to meet a wide variety of customer’s requirements. Working in collaborative partnerships, our long-term custom chemical manufacturing relationships span over two decades, while other projects may be one-time, short cycle, or developmental in nature.

We can customize our custom toll processing services to each customer’s needs. After receiving raw materials, we can store them, process a finished product to your specifications, store the finished product, and then ship it. By working in multiple industries, we have become an industry leader in custom toll processing for many applications.

Reduce Costs and Shorten Your Development Cycle

Our laboratory provides the analytical know how combined with 24-hour technical coverage to ensure the quality of all of our products. When you use Capital Resin for custom chemical manufacturing, you increase efficiency, save space, and reduce labor costs. Treating customers with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality, we maximize performance in the production of materials such as:

  • Phenolic Resins
  • Amino Resins
  • Aromatic Sulfonic Acids
  • Urethane Pre-polymers
  • Alkylated Phenols
  • Personal Care Products

Capital Resin currently provides custom contract and toll manufactures products in demanding industries such as agriculture, packaging coatings (food, beverage, and industrial), automotive coatings, adhesives, advanced composites, personal care products, specialty papers and paper saturation, aerospace, defense, and electronics.  We strive to make your quest to find a manufacturer easy by working with you and your organization to better understand your complete need. For more information on our manufacturing and tolling services, please contact us today; a member of our team will illustrate how Capital Resin can help you.

As a leader in custom chemical contract and toll manufacturing, we extend your manufacturing capabilities by filling your chemical manufacturing needs.

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