Chemical Shipping, Packaging and Labeling

In the chemical manufacturing world, companies must follow many regulations. Safety regulations cover the manufacturing, storage, labeling, and storage of hazardous chemicals so that there are no accidents and the workers who handle these chemicals are safe. Having been a chemical transportation company for over 40 years, Capital Resin is well versed in these regulations and follows every last one of them. There are no shortcuts when producing, labeling, and shipping the products we make. A typo on a label could lead to a disaster, and that’s why we have stringent quality control procedures in place to make sure everything is accurate. Don’t take any chances; contact Capital Resin today to partner with an experienced chemical transportation company.

Chemical Shipping and Logistics Management

Whatever your chemical transportation needs, Capital Resin can fulfill them. Our company can handle both small and large quantities because we have the containers and capabilities to ship any amount of chemical wherever you need it. Our experience and knowledge of the shipping regulations make it easy for us to move your chemicals safely and efficiently.

We deliver materials in:

  • Tank Trucks
  • Totes
  • Super sacks
  • Drums
  • Pails
  • Bottles

Chemical Supply Chain

Chemical transportation companies must follow stringent safety considerations when storing, packing, and transporting chemicals. Because we are a chemical manufacturer, and not just a chemical shipping and logistics company, we are also specially trained to handle, transport and store chemicals. By letting us handle the supply chain logistics, you can be sure to prevent any potential safety hazards like combustion, contamination, or spoilage.

As a leader in custom chemical contract and toll manufacturing, we extend your manufacturing capabilities by filling your chemical manufacturing needs.

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