Ancillary Equipment for Chemical Processing

Take chemical production out of your facility; trust Capital Resin and their chemical manufacturing services. At Capital Resin, it is our goal to be the top provider for industrial resins and chemicals. We are your chemical manufacturing partner that’s capable of delivering custom chemical development solutions. Research, development, storage, and chemical blending are just a few of the services we provide. Capital Resin offers various ancillary services for chemical processing that our competitors do not, including milling, drying, and filtration. Contact us today to learn more about our ancillary chemical processing equipment and chemical manufacturing services to fit your industrial resin and chemical needs.


Designated areas have humidity and temperature controls to blend flammables, urethanes, and isocyanates
  • Liquid Blending
    • Flammable Materials
    • Non-Flammable Materials
    • Corrosive Materials
  • High Shear Cowles
  • Solids Blending


Our chemical milling equipment is ideal for bulk chemicals, and can grind powders down to the sizes you need.
  • Delumpers
  • Cone-Mill
  • Rotex® Screener
    • 2-decker screener
  • Vorti-Siv®
    • Liquids/solids separation and screening


Our bed dryers deliver consistent and reliable results.
  • Fluidized bed dryers, continuous
  • Rotary vacuum dryers with solvent recovery system
  • 2 Tray Dryers, High / Low temp, equipped with wet scrubber


Our filtration capabilities are able to remove solids down to one micron.
  • Oberlin® Filter Press, continuous
  • Cuno® polishing filters

When you partner with Capital Resin for your chemical manufacturing and development needs, you’re gaining a trusted ally. We have the chemical processing equipment in place to manufacture a variety of chemicals. Since 1976, Capital Resin has produced many chemicals safely and efficiently. We have the capability to research and develop various chemicals in mass quantities. Capital Resin can increase your manufacturing capabilities by filling your chemical manufacturing needs. To get more information about our chemical manufacturing services, contact us today.

As a leader in custom chemical contract and toll manufacturing, we extend your manufacturing capabilities by filling your chemical manufacturing needs.

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