Toll Manufacturing for Polyurethanes & Polyurethane Dispersions

Custom Urethane Pre-Polymers

As the leading chemical toll manufacturing company, Capital Resin can produce custom urethane pre-polymers for specific applications. Our team has the experience and capability to either modify a current product to meet certain criteria or develop a new one.

When we develop custom pre-polymers, we are versatile and responsive. Whether you need one quart or a few drums, our laboratory can supply you with any sample size needed. Always keeping integrity at the forefront, we protect our customers’ intellectual property when producing all chemical products.

Here are the following Urethane Pre-polymers we can produce:

  • MDI Isocyanate Urethane Pre-Polymers
  • Aliphatic Isocyanate Urethane Pre-Polymers
  • Toluene Di-isocyanate Based Polyurethanes (TDI)

Used in either industrial or commercial applications, polyurethane dispersion technologies enhance coating properties by providing water, heat and stain resistance. Commonly found in coatings for wood, masonry, roofing, car interiors, and breathable sportswear, they provide the performance of a polyurethane and the convenience of a waterborne latex.

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Our Experience

40 Years in Business
20+ Industries Served
37+ Years in Phenolics
5 Years experience in Acrylics
35 Years Amino

As a leader in chemical contract and toll manufacturing, we extend your manufacturing capabilities by filling your chemical manufacturing needs.

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Polyurethanes & Polyurethane Dispersions

Polyurethane dispersions are used in coating, adhesive, sealant and elastomer applications. Capital Resin can produce polyurethane dispersions for applications in the following industries:



Surface Coatings

Flexible and Rigid Foam

Green circuit board with components.

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