How To Choose a Custom Chemical Manufacturer

When your company requires chemicals, the best option is almost always to outsource to a manufacturer that specializes in them. It will save you time and money if you can avoid having to put together your own lab that meets all regulatory compliance requirements. So, the big question isn’t whether you should outsource, but how to choose a custom chemical manufacturer that you feel confident will manufacture a quality product.

Specialized Services

Because this is such a specialized industry, you must make sure the custom chemical manufacturer you’re considering actually offers the specific services you need. Once you’ve identified the specific services you require and have ensured the manufacturer offers them, investigate how much experience the manufacturer has. Corporations like Capital Resin have experienced personnel that are well versed in the tools and tricks of the trade necessary to handle your chemical needs with expertise and confidence. To get a better idea of how experienced a manufacturer is or what kind of services they work with, look at the industries they already serve.

Safety and Compliance

Another easy but vital consideration when deciding how to choose a custom chemical manufacturer is whether they meet all safety and compliance standards. If the chemical manufacturer can’t meet all the standards, that hints at a rather obvious lack of professionalism and responsibility. It is highly recommended you reach out and meet with the manufacturer and have them go over their approach and safety practices. In order to get the best quality product, you must make safety your highest priority.

Plant Capacity

Similar to ensuring the services you require are available from the manufacturer, you also need to consider if the manufacturer has the capacity to accommodate your project’s volume and the capability to meet your deadlines. Look toward the manufacturers that have a wide variety of equipment, spanning from reaction, filtration, drying, and other chemical processing machinery. When considering services, make sure you inquire about the expertise of those handling the equipment. It’s important to make sure your project is still given the highest quality products rather than being quickly rushed out to meet deadlines.