If you work in manufacturing, it pays to familiarize yourself with acrylic polymers. Regardless of the products your company specializes in, chances are acrylic polymers can enhance their durability and overall functionality. Although many consumers are unaware of their existence, acrylic polymers are found in an expansive number of everyday items. Anyone new to the manufacturing industry would do well to brush up on the following polymers.

Sodium Polyacrylate  

Sodium polyacrylate is an acrylic polymer that can be found in countless consumer products. Commonly known as “waterlock,” this versatile polymer is able to absorb up to 300 times its mass in liquid. As a result, it can be found in a wide range of lubricants, diapers, detergents, and thickening agents. Seasoned green-thumbs will be interested to learn that the dirt found in most potted plants contains sodium polyacrylate.

Polyvinyl Acetate  

Arguably one of the stickiest acrylic polymers currently available, polyvinyl acetate can be found in every workplace and school the world over. This powerful acrylic resin is an active ingredient in hundreds of adhesives, most notably crafting glue and book-binding glue. Polyvinyl acetate is also used in such heavy-duty adhesives as carpenter’s glue and drywall primer. Furthermore, everyday items like envelopes, sanitary napkins, and clothing fabrics contain trace amounts of this polymer.


Like sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylamide is widely known for its impressive absorbency. In addition to being a popular soil conditioner, this highly-absorbent polymer can be found in soft contact lenses and toys that grow when doused with water. Any bath or pool toys you played with as a child likely contained polyacrylamide.

Used throughout a variety of industries, acrylic polymers are particularly important to the world of manufacturing. Without the above-mentioned polymers, many of the products people enjoy would not exist in their current form. Becoming familiar with the most popular acrylic polymers is sure to prove beneficial to your company’s bottom line.

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